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DayMap (for Mac and iPhone) is a new way to organize your projects and tasks by visually mapping out your life, one week at a time. DayMap allows you to see your projects, tasks and schedule in an intuitive and user friendly interface. Life can get hectic and it’s easy to get sidetracked - let DayMap keep you on your path.

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  • Projects, Tasks & More

    See all of your projects and related tasks side by side on one screen. Arrange projects in a way that makes the most sense to you.

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  • Support

    Do you have a question? We hate bugs and glitches but we know they are inevitable. Click the support page in the main menu to report an issue or visit our FAQ page for our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Stay on schedule

    Use the weekly calendar located below your projects and tasks to easily schedule those important todo’s. DayMap helps you make the most of every day, every week.

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  • Another Great Review!
    Another Great Review!

    Special thanks to @erikechel for a great review on You can check out his review here.

  • A Couple of Great Overviews and Reviews
    A Couple of Great Overviews and Reviews

    Thanks to Melanie over at for the great word about DayMa and another thanks goes to Allison over at for a great overview and review – Task Management in a Visual Way with DayMap « Nosillacast We can’t tell you how much your positive reviews and feedback mean to us here at…

  • You Make the Productivity App Productive
    You Make the Productivity App Productive

    I searched a long time for the perfect productivity tool. I started with the good ‘ol DayTimer and then I went to Franklin Covey’s system complete with the $100 genuine leather case. It looked really nice on the outside but there was very little going on inside. I tried but I just couldn’t keep with…

  • View Calendar Events in DayMap
    View Calendar Events in DayMap

    Apple Calendar Events can now be shown in the DayMap Calendar view. Make sure you’ve updated to the newest version and click on the View menu and select “Show Apple Calendar Events”. We’re really pleased with this new feature. Stay tuned – more on the way!

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