Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks for the Feedback!

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We want to thank everyone who has gotten in touch to give us your thoughts concerning DayMap. A lot of you have been connecting with us over the last few months to tell us what you love, like, don’t like, or hate about DayMap. We do appreciate all feedback – even the ones that are on the more negative side. Thankfully, those have been few and far between. We sometimes feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar, “You like me, you really, really like me!”

We know we have something special and we are excited to be a part of a team that is helping so many people make better use of their time and get things done. It has also been great to receive so many suggestions for how we can improve DayMap. Thank you! We are listening.

We are starting to sense that we have a base of dedicated DayMap users and you have our word that we will continue to do our absolute best to make DayMap the best productivity app we can.

Stay productive!

The DayMap Team

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